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Pay Day Loan Questions

Alot of the questions we receive on pay day loans are similar. If you have questions, please look here first for your answer. If you still have not found your answer, please contact our customer service department for your specific pay day loan questions.


1) How do pay day loans work? Are they similar to a personal loan?
2) What are the minimum requirements to be approved for pay day loans?
3) How do I apply for a pay day loan?
4) What if I have bad credit, will I be turned down?
5) Can I just go ahead and email you my information?
6) Is it safe to apply for pay day loans online?
7) What is the interest rate for pay day loans?
8) What areas do you serve?
9) How much money can I apply for with a pay day loan?
10) Will I need collateral or a co-signer to be approved for a pay day loan?


1) Pay day loans are different than personal loans in that they require much less time to apply for and be approved for. A personal loan is usually through a bank or other financial institution and requires a credit check. Pay day loans are approved for most everyone who meets the minimum requirements.
2) The minimum requires to be approved for pay day loans are: you must have proof of a steady income, you must have proof of residency, you must have proof of identity, and you must provide proof of an open bank account.
3) You can apply online here for pay day loans.
4) The good thing about pay day loans, is that you can be approved, even with bad credit. Credit is not a factor in pay day loan approvals.
5) We ask that you DO NOT EMAIL us your personal information. Email is not secure. Please use the online pay day loan application when you are applying.
6) When you apply on this site, it is secure. We want you to know that our site is 100% pop-up free, so if you do see pop-ups over our application, it is not our site and you should ignore and close any pop-ups.
7) The interest rate you will pay back on your pay day loan will depend of course on the state you live in. Interest rates vary across the Nation.
8) We serve all states in the US, where pay day loans are permitted by law.
9) Most pay day loan approvals are for amounts of $1500 or less. If you need a larger loan, try applying for personal loans.
10) If you are applying for pay day loans, you will not be required to provide collateral or a co-signer.

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